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Jim SmithJames W. Smith founded Smith’s Electronics after his former employer, Grass Valley USA LLC (previously The Grass Valley Group), chose to outsource all their manufacturing.   Jim offered to continue doing calibration services for the company, and they became his first client in 2012. Jim now offers his services to anyone needing calibration or repair of electronic equipment.

Jim Smith has tested and repaired electronics for more than two decades with Grass Valley, including five years as their lead calibration technician.  His accomplishments include developing calibration procedures for equipment designed by Grass Valley, and for equipment without procedures from the original manufacturer (OEM).  In addition, he created and supplied performance metrics to management.

For two years, he maintained a 100% calibration status for all production test equipment, in house and outside contractor.   Using a software package from John Fluke Co., he created and maintained a database to track equipment and generate calibration recall lists, and managed the recall dates of equipment to minimize impact to production and create an even workload over the year.

Jim lives and works in Grass Valley with his wife and business partner, Patty, and their array of critters, including three dogs, a cat, some birds, and more.